I’m a photographer, filmmaker, digital marketer, musician, blogger, and the list goes on. The shortest version is, I’m a storyteller. I love creating content that helps other people tell their stories the way they want to tell them. 
I was born and reared around Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I grew up here and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I know all about Southern University and LSU tailgating, Famous Blue Store Chicken, and the Mississippi River bridge traffic. It’s my home, and while I don’t always love everything about it, I love the people here. They helped shape and mold me into the person I am today.
A little more about me: I’m married to the love of my life. We have a dog named Khloe and a cat named Hamilton. I love to travel to new places. I have a legitimate weakness for chocolate, Kit Kats to be exact (the Hershey chocolate, not Nestle). I love tech and social media. Music was my first love. I play guitar and a little piano. I have a ton of hobbies and no free time. I’m certifiably obsessed with my hair.
Thank you!
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